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Aly Diallo
3 min readMay 17, 2021
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Blogging used to be huge 10–15 years ago. Everybody used to have their own personal blog. Nowadays, Social media are a lot bigger, and people invest most of their time into developing a following on social media, instead of on their personal blog, where discoverability is lower.

There are however several advantages to have a blog on your website and I recommend having one for all my clients. Here is why.

Show your expertise

If your business gets found online, how can the customer make sure you’re an expert in your field? As a customer, you want the best of the best. If your Apple, this is not a problem. But as a freelancer or a smaller company, there are mainly two ways.

· Showing your past work through a portfolio, case studies, and testimonials

· Writing articles

By writing articles to show your expertise, to help your customers, you show them that you know what you’re talking about and that you’re here to help them.

If you can find the problem your customers face and help them solve their issue, it will come back to you. In many businesses, people don’t pay for a service but for the time they save by not doing it themselves. This is why teaching what you know, even you’re most secret tips is a more and more common marketing strategy. Teach what you know so that people have no doubt about the quality of your services. It’s not as if a blog article will allow your customer to become as good as you, who have spent hours and hours learning and honing your skills.

A great tool for SEO

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SEO is a word everybody seems to know now. Making your website discoverable on search engines is important. It’s however quite difficult with a classic website, which focuses on selling your goods or services. Most researches on google are about how to do something after all. This is where your blog can be discovered.

Your blog is a gateway to your website. If you create content that interests your prospect, they are a high chance that they will stumble upon your blog, maybe even several times. It’s a great way to increase your discoverability online.

Bring some dynamic content

Google guidelines greatly influence the way you must design your website. If Google doesn’t rate your site high, nobody will find it. One of the elements of the Google rating system is how dynamic is your website.

A static website, where the content never changes, will lose some points. It looks like it is not updated. This is why it is important to often add content to your website. And a blog is a great way to do it. It’s easy to add an article occasionally. In addition to the previously mentioned points, it can increase the traffic on your website and boost your conversion rate.

Link your website and your social media

You can easily link a blog and your social media, especially Instagram and LinkedIn.

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You can turn your articles into a carousel and add the link to the description. You can publish your articles on LinkedIn to grow your following. You can even use your blog article’s content to make a YouTube or a TikTok video. It’s called resource recycling.

Adding a blog to your website doesn’t make you a blogger, don’t stress. It’s just an additional marketing tool for you to increase the discoverability of your website and increase your conversion rate. And since you can recycle the content, it’s a great habit to add to your marketing.



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